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About me

Hania Derej born 18.01.2005. – Composer, pianist, arranger and conductor. She is a student of symphonic conducting at the Music Academy in Krakow and of jazz composition and arrangement at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. She is the author of more than 100 compositions, some of which have been recorded on seven CDs at, among others, the recording studio of the Polish Radio in Katowice. At the age of 10, Hania started composing pieces for solo piano and at the age of 13 also for orchestra. On 23.03.2018, the premiere performance of Hania’s first composition composed for a chamber ensemble of seven instruments (‘Race of Life’) took place.
In February 2023, during the International Piano Forum in Sanok, the premiere performance of Hani’s composition entitled. ‘My Story’ performed by the National Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra.

Hania creates music in a variety of styles, including jazz, illustrative, chamber, film, electronic and pop music. Hania’s music stimulates the imagination, is characterised by its melodiousness and carries an emotional message. Hania is a laureate of composition awards, including, for example, the Special Award for Jazz Compositions and Arrangements at the Junior Jazz Festival 2023 in Wadowice, or the ‘Young Composer 2021 and 2022’ Award funded by the Polish Composers’ Union in Warsaw during the 16th and 17th International Piano Forum “Bieszczady without borders”. Within the framework of the aforementioned Piano Forum, Hania has also been awarded piano prizes, such as a distinction for the best performance of a concert with the National Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra and a concert with the ‘Academy’ Chamber Orchestra of Lviv. As a conductor, Hania has had the opportunity to conduct at concerts with, among others, the National Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, the Elbląg Chamber Orchestra, the Lviv Chamber Orchestra ‘Akademia’ and the Moravian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra in the Czech Republic.

Hania also participates in international music projects such as the FAMES Orchestra, the Musić Export Academy and the International Jazz Platform. At concerts she performs in various instrumental line-ups depending on the compositions presented. She gives concerts at festivals, community centres and music clubs.

Hania na tle fortepianu