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Hania Derej Solo

Solo piano concerts – illustrative, film, jazz and electronic music.

Hania Derej grająca na pianinie

Hania Derej Duety

Duo concerts – jazz, illustrative, pop and soul music. Concerts for one piano (four hands), two pianos, piano + trumpet, piano + vocals, piano + synthesisers.

duet derej-majewski

Hania Derej Chamber Orchestra

A project that presents Hania’s instrumental works for various instrumental ensembles such as string quartet, string quintet, piano quintet or chamber orchestra. The music is illustrative, cinematic, neo-classical or jazz. The musicians performing with Hania are friends from the academy, school or professional musicians such as those from the AUKSO orchestra (Sonos Quartet). 

Hania Derej Quintet

A project that came into being in 2022 and presented itself at the CHOJAZZ2022 International Jazz Workshop in Chodzież. Since then, the leader, a pianist, has begun to compose and augment her concert material. The pieces, which were created on the run, on the move, between lessons or on the train, are a reflection of the artist’s state of mind, emotions, reflections and situations she was in when she was in her final year of high school. In June 2023, the quintet presented itself at the 25th Bielska Zadymka Jazz Orlen Jazz Festival in Bielsko-Biała. The reception of the audience was very positive, which prompted the artist to record an album. The material was recorded in October 2023 in the studio of the Polish Radio Katowice. Hania received a proposal to cooperate with the Dutch label ZenneZ Records, which is based near Amsterdam and it is under this label that the album will be released. The release date for the album is 21 June 2024 and the release dates for the two singles preceding it are 3 May and 31 May. Both the first and second singles (‘Busy Day’ and ‘FUNky Time’) have made it onto prestigious playlists in Poland and abroad, such as ‘New Music Friday Poland’, ‘EQUAL Spotify’ ‘Fresh Finds Poland’ and ‘Fresh Finds Jazz’ (USA).

The band is made up of musicians associated with the Silesian jazz community. Winners of many competitions and awards


  • Hania Derej (piano and composition)
  • Kiryl Liauchuk (sax)
  • Tymon Okolus (trombone)
  • Filip Hornik (bass)
  • Kuba Długoborski (drums)

50 / 50 Band

The band 50/50 (Fifty Fifty) is a formation made up of young musicians who met at the Bielsko Music School. The formation has many performances and competition achievements to its credit, such as: 2nd place at the National Competition of the Centre for Artistic Education in the jazz ensemble category, 2nd place at the 5th Junior Jazz Festival in Wadowice and others. The band regularly performs in music clubs, community centres and jazz festivals, including concerts during the Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa in 2022, 2023, 2024 and others. The band members are also winners of music competitions of national and international rank. Songs presented at concerts are mainly original compositions, although original arrangements of jazz standards are also presented.


  • Hanna Derej (piano and composition)
  • Tymon Okolus (trombone)
  • Piotr Golec (bass)
  • Igor Skwarczyński (drums)
  • Tosia Golec (sax)
  • Zuzia Wajdzik (vocal)


Musical Voyagers Band

“Musical Voyagers” is a music project created by excellent musicians of the young generation (16-19 years old) coming from different parts of Poland (Kalisz, Tychy, Poznań, Biłgoraj). They met two years ago as part of a youth orchestra project under the direction of Adam Sztaba. The band performs their own interpretations of well-known jazz standards and popular music, as well as their own compositions. The band’s vocalist is Marcel Tułacz, winner of third place in this year’s edition of “The Voice Kids”.

Skład zespołu:

  • Hania Derej (piano and composition)
  • Marcel Tułacz (vocal)
  • Jakub Derej (piano)
  • Maurycy Majewski (trumpet)
  • Benjamin Gleń (drums)

muzyczni tułacze